SIM Cloud Computing Benefits to Safety Professionals:

  1. Internal IT is very busy in many companies and often puts a lower priority applications like Safety.
  2. A relatively current version of a Browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox) with Flash, a PDF reader and an unzip utility on a PC with a sound card and Internet access is all you need. We take care of the rest.
  3. Operating system changes and other maintenance work is performed once and shared across all our client companies.

Technical Definition of Cloud Computing

  1. Just like Google and Amazon, our software does not run on a computer “server”. SIM4® runs in a datacenter that has thousands of servers and can actually have SIM4® running on multiple servers at the same time.
  2. Each SIM4® customer will have its own dedicated “instance” of the software. This means that a separate copy of the software is running for each company. This provides increased security and customizability.
  3. When one server in a cloud goes down the work automatically flows to another server that is still up and running. There should be no noticeable disturbance to the individuals using the system.
  4. There is no single point of failure. Even the disk drives that the database is on are redundant in many respects (RAID, NAS).
  5. All the systems are backed up regularly.