The SIM System is the foundation upon which we build all SIM materials and consulting services. It is a complete system for reducing musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace.

It comprehends ergonomics (Tools and Equipment), body mechanics (Physical Technique), fitness (Re-energize), and auditing, observation, coaching & medical management (Early Warning).

The SIM System

The Safety In Motion® System – Some Specifics

The SIM system includes four Injury Prevention Principles:

  1. Tools & Equipment
    1. Smart setup:
    2. Setup of storage, work space, work station, office
    3. Priority for setup in the Green Zone based on:
      1. Frequency/duration of use
      2. Weight or force
    4. Good Fit Seating:
      1. Vehicle, workstation, office: adjusting position, lumbar support, arm rest, suspension
      2. Gloves: fit/size, flexibility, pre-curved fingers
      3. Belts: fit, padding, weight distribution, additional shoulder suspension
      4. Shoes: fit/size (no contact pressure on end of big toe or side of little toe), orthotic arch support
    5. Less Strain: Material handling equipment to lift, push, pull or position materials and tools
    6. Better Protection from contact pressure on:
      1. Fingers: plastic or foam grips for wire handles, precision tools, writing or drawing instruments
      2. Center of palm: gel pad protection
      3. Carpal tunnel / wrist: soft surface
      4. Inside of elbow: adjustment of arm rests, cloth or foam pad
      5. Base of knee: knee pad, ergo kneel pad
      6. Standing surface: anti fatigue mat
  2. Physical technique
    1. Better leverage
      1. Elbow position – Leverage Zone
      2. Foot position – Line of Strength and Balance
      3. Build a Bridge
    2. Easy alignment – mid-range motions of major skeletal joints
    3. Right muscles – larger muscles, muscles have ‘smooth path’ tendon connections, advantageous reflex
  3. Re-energize – light exercise for circulation, stretching, strength exercise, aerobic exercise
    1. Full range of motion
    2. Increase circulation and endurance
    3. Balanced strength
  4. Early warning
    1. Observation for risk factors and coaching best practices – principles 1, 2, 3 above
    2. Medical advice for increasing or persistent signs and symptoms – pain, swelling, numbness

Download the pdf version of The SIM System