Safety In Motion®. was founded in 1995. We provide an action and education process that is proven to reduce strain, pain and musculoskeletal injuries. Our current training materials, physical techniques, consulting, e-tools and implementation strategy are the result of many years of collaboration with clients and employees who face:

  • Workplace challenges such as drilling for oil in arctic sub-zero weather, delivering kegs and packaged beverages to customers in downtown Manhattan, servicing nuclear power plants, setting up and serving a convention of 3000 guests, restoring electricity after a storm, rescuing and transporting injured marine mammals
  • The often-overlooked challenges of everyday life like lifting groceries out of the car, packing for vacation, helping your child or grandchild out of a car seat, walking from the parking lot to the office in bad weather

We have learned from experience how world-class safety performance can be achieved on both a large scale and an individual basis.


  • Together with the Client implementation team, we change corporate safety cultures.
  • We transform complex problems into simple solutions with principles made easy to remember and apply.
  • We use live demonstrations to prove that small changes make a big difference.
  • We connect management, engineering and employee know-how through common language.
  • We capture and share better ways to get the job done with less stress and strain.

SIM Direction

SIM understands that continuous improvement in a company’s safety performance requires continuous innovation in the way safety is driven into our customers’ operations.

SIM is proud of our 4th generation product SIM4®, which uses cloud computing to help safety professionals reach more employees more efficiently. SIM4® is a constantly evolving product/process. We are committed to continuing to develop it using the key elements that have delivered the best results to our satisfied customers over the years.

What is SIM4®?

SIM4® is the fourth generation of Safety In Motion® products. SIM4® retains all the best parts of prior generation SIM products and adds an online element that permits:

  • Instantaneous global sharing of high-value Safety In Motion® task applications
  • Easy integration of your specific task applications into the training and documentation
  • Tools for continuing to drive SIM techniques into day-to-day practice
  • Streamlined instruction and accommodation of multiple languages using 3D animations