Safety in Motion® (formerly known as Safety Results Inc.) is a leader in preventing strains, sprains and body motion injuries. Since 1995, our mission has been to help people lead healthier lives. Our client list includes ConocoPhillips, Momentive Performance Materials, and The Home Depot. Clients regularly report significant and sustained reductions in soft tissue injuries using our process. The process consists of consulting, physical techniques, training methods, materials and ongoing reinforcement. Through physical demonstrations during training, employees experience how small changes in physical technique significantly reduce unnecessary stress and strain. We then help reinforce that with real-life practical application activities in both workplace and off the job settings.

What is SIM4®?

SIM4® is best thought of as an ongoing process of cultural change with 3 major layers (see diagram below).

  1. At its broadest level, it includes a team within the client organization that leads the cultural change effort.

Safety in Motion® supplies the inner two parts that support that ongoing process;

  1. The ongoing consulting support to the team on best practices and how to optimize the process based on our experience in many organizations over many years
  2. The software tool for customizing and distributing materials instantly

The SIM4® Process:

Significant behavioral and cultural change almost never happens in one meeting. It takes ongoing reinforcement. SIM4® is designed from the ground up to be an ongoing process that supports continual reinforcement so that injury rates are lowered and stay lowered.

The first part of the SIM4® process has to do with the company’s internal process team.  Significant behavioral and cultural change requires ongoing action from leaders within the organization.  We have studied many implementations and concluded that 3 internal roles are critical to change:

  1. The SIM4® Team Leader - The safety professional sets the program goals, creates & leads the implementation team, and monitors the ongoing program.  SIM Consultants help with all these activities and check in on a regular basis. 
  2. The SIM4® Team – drives the SIM4® process out into the organization.  Usually made up of certified SIM4® Facilitators. 
  3. The SIM4® Executive Sponsor – holds the team accountable and clears organizational obstacles to success. 

The SIM4® and SIM-plicity™ Consulting process:

Many of our client’s HSE professionals have told us that their numbers have been reduced yet the amount of work they are expected to do has increased. They are looking for tools to help them be more efficient and often for outside consultants to help.

SIM Consultants have many years of safety experience with a variety of companies. They are continually working with a variety of clients on ergonomic issues and so can bring the accumulated expertise to bear on your company’s issues. In SIM Inc. consulting staff meetings they share best practices for musculoskeletal injury prevention across companies in a way HSE professionals in any individual company cannot do.

The specific work of the SIM Consultant can vary greatly depending on the requirements of the individual client. In general SIM Inc. consultants train SIM4® Facilitators within your company to do 2 primary things:

  1. Run the ongoing process within your organization. We teach Facilitators the best known methods for managing a process team. A SIM Consultant will also be a part of the team over the life of the process. They will
    1. Participate in monthly and quarterly meetings and annual reviews.
    2. Help you monitor the health of the process and course correct when necessary.
    3. Bring best practices from your industry and other industries.
    4. Analyze specific jobs that may have soft tissue exposure and recommend applications of SIM techniques.
    5. Suggest activities to reinforce the SIM concepts and techniques in ways that are specific to your individual groups’ needs.
    6. Check and quality assure any custom materials your team may develop.
  2. Train and certify groups of your coworkers to train the rest of your organization’s employees on SIM4® techniques.
    1. SIM4® Classic approach: Four 30-minute modules covering the following concepts:
      1. Position Elbows Closer™ (PEC)
      2. Use Mid-range Wrist Motions™ (UMW)
      3. Leg Strength and Balance (LSB)
      4. Lifting Options, Technique and Pace (LOT)
    2. SIM-plicity™ approach: A single 1-hour module that covers the primary concept and core technique options of SIM4® Classic
  3. SIM-Works™ uses technology to facilitate observation and feedback that reinforces the application of SIM techniques in the field. You can then collect data that pinpoints where refresher training may need to occur. The SIM-Works™ mobile app synthesizes these data points and uses animations to provide training at your fingertips.